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Having problems with your installation? Here is a list of what to look for:

Check the installation

Are the inlet/outlet pipes clogged? Are the power cables intact?

Read the manual

Have you read the product manual? Not just the quick guide, the full manual. You can find it here on the website and in our DNA software. In every manual, there is a troubleshooting section, a guide to solving the most common problems, and a table that contains the codes of error with the related solution.

Do you know the model and the serial code of the product?

Write down the model and the serial number of the DAB product of which you request assistance; all DAB Pumps products have a plate with a number stamped on it, in the form of X XXXX. This information is essential to identify the type of product (pump, inverter, etc.) and the revision of the product (the same model can have more revisions with characteristics that are very different from each other).

How old is the system? When the DAB Pumps product was purchased?

Go to the place where the pump is installed

Call the customer service directly from the place where the DAB Pumps product is installed, so it will be easier to perform tests and take pictures if requested by our technicians.

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