TR 10

TR10 is an rewindable asynchronous 10 inch submersible motor. Designed for pressurization, lifting water from wells and water use in agricultural irrigation systems. Jacket in AISI 316 stainless steel. Rewindable stator available with PE2+PA windings that allow the use of the motor in special applications and/or with inverters. Cooling and lubrication through a mixture of water and glycol. Combined with the hydraulic part, it can draw water from at least 8″ tanks, cisterns, or wells. Available as two or four pole only in a three-phase version also predisposed for the installation of the PT100 or PTC temperature sensor. Versions with direct start or star-delta starter. Motor available as TR10N in AISI 316 stainless steel and version TR10R in AISI 904 stainless steel.

Maximum operating depth 300 m
Standard flanges NEMA 8″
Maximum number of starts per hour 10/h
Motor protection class IP 68
Cooling flow speed 0,5 m/s up to +45°C with rewindable in PE2+PA
Single phase power input Not available
Three phase power input 3×400 V 50 Hz / 3x500V 50 Hz
Power input tolerance +6% / -10%
Power cable 8 m
Possible type of installation Vertical or horizontal up to 125 HP
Special versions on request Voltage and power cables of different length; for the direct start version only, provision for the PT100 or PTC temperature probe, available in AISI 316 stainless steel or in AISI 904 stainless steel

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