S4SUN Solar Borehole System

The DAB S4Sun is the DAB system for pumping water using the most widely renewable energy, the sun. The system offers the possibility of lifting water from 4″ wells (up to a 320-meter pump head) using the energy produced by the sun and allowing it to feed small water networks at different times of the day.

The DAB S4Sun consists of a submersible pump with a permanent magnet motor and integrated electronics. A VFD (variable frequency drive, integrated into the motor) and controller that allows the pump to be powered by photovoltaic panels (solar collectors) or an AC power supply. Switching on one or the other automatically. Thanks to these characteristics it is possible to use the pump in every part of the world, even in the most remote areas.

Performance range: Flows up to 21m3/h and max head of 240 meters.

Motor versions:

M220SOL – 0.37 to 2.2kW (55V starting, 150m Pump Head Max)

M220SOL-H – 0.37 to 2.2kW (90V starting. 320m Head Max)

Horizontal Installation: Minimum 5o angle and bleed hole in an upright position

Max input limit:

DC: 55 – 440Voc; 12A

90 – 440Voc; (H version)

AC: 90 – 280V; 10A

Max power output (P2): 2200W

Max speed: 3000rpm

Max water temp: 40oC

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