Feka FXV by DAB is a submersible pump for draining sewage in commercial building service. Feka FXV is certified EN 12050-1. Suitable for fixed installations with coupling device or mobile if placed directly on the bottom of the tank. High efficiency super Vortex impeller with full solid handle passage (the space between impeller and the shaving ring and the diameter of the free passage are the same). Feka FXV is capable of delivering high flow rates. It is ideal for replacements thanks to the dimensions and the flanged and threaded output. Fast maintenance thanks to a constructive solution that provides easy access to the main components of the pump. Single-phase versions with integrated capacitor, available with float for automatic operation (MA) with powers up to 1,5 kW. In the three-phase versions the protection is the user’s responsibility. ATEX version available for use in potentially explosive environments (ATES certifications: II2G Ex db k IIB T4 or IEC EX: Ex db IIB T4 Gb).

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