Divertek by DAB is a submersible multi-impeller pump for clean water, designed to increase water pressure, rainwater reuse, gardening and irrigation in residential building service. Divertek is ideal for the use in rainwater recovery systems and for water drawing from a cistern or a tank. The water can be used, garden watering or vegetable garden without using the water from the aqueduct. There are manual and automatic (with float) versions available. The automatic version has a single-phase motor, and a float switch for protection against dry running. Divertek does not require a control panel. The thermal protection is integrated. The starting capacitor is integrated and accessible without disassembling the pump. The Divertek pumps are equipped with a retractable carrying handle, a technopolymer anti-debris filter, a non-return valve, and a 15-meter power cable with Schuko plug. A four-section reducer fitting is supplied as standard.

Flow rate maximum: From 1 m3/h to 5,4 m3/h
Head up to: 45 m (900 version) 30 m (650 version) 25 m (500 version)
Maximum immersion depth: 12 m
Type of pumped liquid : Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral
Minimum and maximum room temperature: 0°C / +35°C
Room temperature: 0°C / +40°C
Outlet connection: 1″ (supplied as standard with a four-section fitting-reducer)
Pump maximum diameter: 160 mm
Impeller/s material:Technopolymer
Maximum number of starts: 20/h
Motor insulation class: IP 68
Motor insulation class: F
Single phase power input: 230 V 50 Hz
Power cable (m) and plug: 15 m H07RNF with power plug

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