The S4SUN: Water wherever you are.

DAB Pumps holds 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of electric driven water pumps and pumping systems.

The S4SUN: Water wherever you are.

The S4SUN: The ideal solution for supplying water in various areas

DAB Pumps has once again proven to be the leader in innovation by creating the DAB S4SUN in South Africa. This didn’t happen overnight and extensive field trials were carried out over a period of two years, prior to going to market.  The S4SUN was put through its paces in the harshest of conditions in South Africa and Australia’s Outback. The aggressive water quality in certain areas in South Africa assisted us in perfecting the blend of materials for the construction of the final product that is both rugged and corrosion-resistant. The DAB S4SUN is thus built for Africa. It is the ideal solution for supplying water in remote areas, where the normal power supply of electricity to the power grid is inconsistent or completely unavailable. The DAB S4SUN is easy to install and is coupled exclusively with the DAB S4 standard borehole pumps to supply water using solar energy. 

Solar made easy 

Equal to durability is the ease of use. The slogan “ Solar made Easy” means just that. The controller can switch manually or automatically between two power supplies depending on DC/Solar power availability. The motor can run exclusively on AC or DC power and is controlled by a microcontroller, designed, developed, and manufactured for the DAB S4SUN. The incoming AC source can be from either the mains or from a generator.

The M220CON controller can take signals from two digital switches placed in a tank or similar and can also be configured as a pressure system with a pressure switch, non-return valve, and pressure tank. It is extremely easy to connect and no extra modules are needed to run the system efficiently.

The solution to all your water needs

An adjustable built-in generator shut-off timer prevents the generator from starting repeatedly. The controller will automatically switch between DC and AC depending on the required voltage. It is furnished with an adjustable timer that locks the generator into a run state while the DC input stabilizes.

The controller also comes equipped with an adjustable flow sensor restart timer, ideal for low-yielding water source applications. It is suitable for outdoor installation and is weather-proof (IP65 enclosure). 

The motor uses rare earth permanent magnets and has a built-in VFD. The inverter will guarantee even higher system operating efficiencies through less power loss and exposure to temperature variances. Vector control and MPPT are used to select the best operating point for the pump providing a highly efficient and cooler operating motor. This feature enables the DAB S4SUN to be coupled to 38, DAB S4 borehole pumps ranging from 0.37kW to 2.2kW with flows from 1m3/h to 16m3/h. 

The DAB S4SUN is available in two models namely the M220SOL (max 150m head) with a starting voltage of 55V DC. The M220SOL-H (max 320 head) has a higher starting voltage requirement of 90V DC giving more support for higher pressure requirements. These low starting voltage requirements mean fewer solar panels are needed. Dry run protection is also one of its many features.

Wherever you are, DAB has the solution to provide one of the world’s scarcest resources namely water. 

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