The DAB Swimming Pool range – the Heart of your swimming pool

DAB Pumps holds 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of electric driven water pumps and pumping systems.

The DAB Swimming Pool range – the Heart of your swimming pool

Whether you need a new pump for a swimming pool you’ve just installed, or you need to replace an old pump that’s worn out, choosing the right kind of pump is vital both for your pool and your budget. Installing the correct pump will help your pool stay clean and run at its maximum efficiency, while preventing the damage that excessive water pressure can cause. While purchasing a swimming pool pump is an investment, choosing the right one can help save you time, money and hassle in the long-term.

How does a pool pump work?

Think of a pump as the heart of your swimming pool’s plumbing system. It helps to circulate water throughout your pool, allowing it to be cleaned and filtered efficiently and making it safe for swimming.

The electric motor in your pump will spin an impeller inside its housing in order to create suction. This will pull water from the pool into your pump’s filtration system, where all debris is cleared away, and clean water is pumped back into your pool. If your pump isn’t functioning optimally, the water in your pool will be dirty, stagnant and unhygienic, and will be unsafe for swimming.

When it comes to choosing a pump, many people will select one bigger than they actually need. While this may not seem like a problem, it’s important to understand that bigger pumps have higher running costs and use more energy, meaning you’ll spend more over time. What’s more, you also run the risk of straining the pump and overpowering the filter, meaning the pump will break down earlier than expected, again costing you more money. That’s why choosing the right kind of pool pump to begin with is so important.

How do I choose the right pool pump?

It’s a general rule of thumb that all water in a swimming pool should be completely filtered within 6-8 hours, although 3-4 hours may be recommended depending on the usage of the pool. To do this, the pump needs to be big enough and powerful enough to circulate and filter the entire volume of your swimming pool once a day.

To make sure that the water in your pool stays clear and sparkling, your pool pump needs to be the correct size, and operate at optimal levels. This means that in order to choose the correct pump, you’ll need to do a little simple maths first. Let’s go through it step by step.

Step 1: First you’ll need to calculate the volume of your pool.

The equation you’ll need to do this is: volume/m3 = length/m x width/m x depth/m.

Let’s say you have a 10m pool that’s 5m wide and 1m deep. The calculation here would then be:

V = 10m x 5m x 1m = 50m3

Step 2: Now you’ll need to convert the volume of your pool into litres.

1m3 = 1 000 litres, so using our previous example, 50m3 x1 000 = 50 000 litres

Step 3: We’ll now need to calculate the flow rate your specific pump will need to circulate all the water throughout your pool in 8 hours. To do this, we’ll need to divide our figure by 8 in order to find out how many litres per hour need to be pumped.

50 000 ÷ 8hours = 6 250 L/h

Step 4: As pool pumps are rated in litres per minute, we’ll now need to divide our figure by 60 to match.

6 250 L/h ÷ /60 mins = 104.16 L/m

Step 5: The fun part! Now that you know the specs of the pump you need for your specific pool, it’s time to choose one – and it’s here that DAB can help, with a range of pumps designed to guarantee reliability, efficiency and value for money too.

Introducing the DAB range of swimming pool pumps

Easy to use, install and maintain, the DAB range of swimming pool pumps is ideal for every type of application, from small residential swimming pools to large public swimming pools too.

1. The Eswim: With electricity a more precious commodity than ever, saving energy and money has never been more important – and that’s exactly what the Eswim has been designed to do for you. Built to keep energy-efficiency high and energy costs low, the Eswim can help you save up to 90% more than any other traditional swimming pool pump solution.

With its variable frequency drive, it’s able to operate at constant speed and constant flow for optimal performance, and its high-efficiency brushless magnet motor and hydraulics, and 8 settable speeds can help to significantly reduce your energy consumption. Its water-cooled magnet motor guarantees silent operation, its intuitive display and programmable menu offer ultimate convenience, and its variable speed operation makes it versatile enough for every size of pool. When it comes to taking charge of your pool and your energy costs, there’s no better pump for the job than the Eswim.

2. The Euroswim: Another pump that prioritises high performance and low energy consumption, the Euroswim is ideally designed for efficient water circulation and filtration in domestic and residential swimming pools. A self-priming centrifugal electric pump with a built-in high-capacity pre-filter, the Euroswim’s motor is completely isolated from the water, extremely quiet, and highly reliable in all applications. With an easy-to-open transparent cover for quick cleaning, and corrosion-resistant materials for long life, the Euroswim is the helping hand your pool needs to stay clean and clear in every kind of weather.

3. EuroPro High Flow: Keeping public swimming pools running optimally is a full-time job, and the EuroPro High Flow is a pump that’s more than up to the task. Developed for water circulation and filtration in large swimming pool systems, the EuroPro High Flow is quiet, reliable, and suitable for certain applications in seawater as well, thanks to its AISI 316 mechanical seal. So no matter how hard the EuroPro High Flow has to work, you can be sure its performance will always be superior.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the right kind of pump for your swimming pool, at DAB you’ll find every type you could possibly need. Simply download our specs document, browse our website for more information, or contact us for guidance on choosing the right pool pump for your needs. Together we’ve got summer covered!







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