Pumping with submersible pumps

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Pumping with submersible pumps

While there are multiple types of pumps in use across various applications, one of the most common for residential, commercial and industrial use is the submersible pump.

As the name suggests, the submersible pump is submerged in water or fluid, with a hermetically sealed motor connected to its body. The pump transfers fluid to the surface by pushing it, unlike other pumps that transfer fluid by pulling it in.

One of the most well-known types of centrifugal pump, the submersible pump works by using the rotational path of centrifugal force to pump fluid, pushing water towards the surface by converting speed first into kinetic energy, and then into pressure energy.

When water enters the pump, it comes into contact with the impeller – a rotary unit with a number of blades. This impeller is connected in turn with an electric motor via a shaft. When the shaft rotates, the impeller does too, increasing the speed of the water and converting it into kinetic energy. The water then passes through a diffuser, which converts the kinetic energy into pressure energy, discharging the water through the pump’s outlet valve towards the surface.

Types of submersible pump

Just as there are different types of pump, there are different types of submersible pump as well:

  • Single-stage: A single-stage submersible pump features a single impeller.
  • Multi-stage: A multi-stage submersible pump features multiple impellers arranged in series.

The difference in the number of impellers has a direct impact on the working of the individual pumps, most notably in their efficiency and pressure capabilities. While single-stage submersible pumps are more suited to higher flow, lower pressure installations, multi-stage pumps are more efficient, able to deliver increased performance by means of a smaller motor and therefore using less energy while saving time and money.

The benefits of submersible pumps

Using a submersible pump comes with a number of distinct advantages:

  1. By far the most significant benefit to using submersible pumps is the prevention of cavitation – the formation of bubbles or cavities in low pressure areas around the impeller. Should these bubbles collapse, they can cause shockwaves which in turn can inflict substantial damage on the workings of the pump.
  2. Another advantage to using submersible pumps is that they do not have to be primed – a process that removes air from the pump and its suction line so that atmospheric pressure and flooding pressure can allow fluid to flow into the pump. Pumps that are not primed will eventually break down – however due to submersible pumps already being submerged in fluid, priming is unnecessary.
  3. Submersible pumps are also by nature very efficient, as they do not need to expend excess energy moving water into the pump. Instead, this is accomplished by way of water pressure, saving energy, time, and money.

Applications of submersible pumps

Thanks to their versatility, submersible pumps are used across a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Single-stage pumps: These are most suited to residential applications and light industrial pumping, as well as for sewage and drainage purposes. Single-stage pumps can also be used in aquariums and pond filters, as well as for sump pumps and slurry pumping.
  • Multi-stage pumps: Ideally suited to underground use, particularly in water or oil wells, multi-stage submersible pumps are most effective in industrial, commercial and municipal applications, as well as residential uses too. Multi-stage pumps can be used for water extraction down boreholes, as well as mine drainage, urban water supply and agricultural irrigation as well.

Over and above these uses, submersible pumps can also be used in firefighting, sewage treatment plants, offshore drilling rigs, irrigation systems, well drilling and more.

DAB submersible pumps

At DAB, our focus is always on our customer – creating quality water management solutions for installers, distributors and end users alike. It’s for this reason that we offer a varied selection of submersible pumps – innovative products fitted with the latest technology, and designed for use across a wide range of residential and commercial applications.


When it comes to submersible pumps for residential applications, DAB offers two unique solutions:

1. Divertron. As a multi-stage submersible pump with built-in integrated electronics, the Divertron is ideal for residential use, whether in terms of increasing water pressure in the home, irrigation for gardening, reusing rainwater, pumping water from cisterns, ponds, and wells, and other high pressure applications.

Features of the Divertron

Designed from anti-corrosive and high-resistant constructive materials, the Divertron features:

  • A built-in electronic board
  • A built-in pressure switch
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • Control circuit board and flow sensor
  • Dry-run protection
  • Built-in non-return valve at delivery
  • Efficient motor cooling, allowing for use when partially submerged
  • A stainless steel suction filter or stainless steel connection fitting for use with suction kits
  • A version complete with suction kit

Available in a number of models with either 3 or 4 impellers, the Divertron is easy to use and highly reliable. What’s more, with fittings that can be customised for most sizes of pipe, and a diameter of approximately 150mm, the Divertron can fit easily into most pits or tanks, and is particularly suitable for spaces with debris or dirt lying at the bottom.

2. Dtron. The next evolution in water management solutions, the DTron range is DAB’s new line of electronic on/off submersible pumps for water pressurisation in residential environments. With significant benefits for installers, distributors and end users alike the DTron’s advanced technology, reliability and premium performance make it the ideal solution for saving space, energy, time and money.

Benefits of the DTron:

Thanks to its innovative design and range of accessories, the DTron offers significant benefits, including:

  • A 50% time saving on installation when compared with other conventional pumps
  • Immediate priming upon installation with the bleeding valve
  • Installation in and out of water with the DOCX accessory and IP68 certification
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a modular and functional construction
  • Complete watertightness due to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology
  • Easy control of the pump’s pressure settings and alarms with the Com Box
  • Simple water level detection with the float
  • Convenient water level measurement with the DConnect Box 2 and DConnect app, ensuring speed and reliability
  • Unprecedented performance and simpler maintenance than ever with the DConnect Box 2 and app

Available in three versions that allow for surface, tank, and well installation, the Dtron range is varied, flexible, and suitable for a wide range of residential applications, from gardening and irrigation, to increased pressurisation, and rainwater and ground water reuse. Together with its set of fully integrated and modular accessories, the DTron is one of DAB’s most high performing submersible pumps, guaranteeing simple installation, ease of use, low maintenance, dependability and complete peace of mind.

Commercial & Agriculture

For commercial usage and industrial applications such as agriculture, DAB offers the ultimate all-in-one solution:

Esybox Diver. Combining the reliability and performance of the DTron range with the revolutionary design of the Esybox line, the Esybox Diver is a 7” multi-stage electronic pump that guarantees safety, efficiency, flexibility, versatility and reliability across a wide range of applications and expectations.

With variable speed drive for clean water, the Esybox Diver’s innovative design makes it ideal for use in wells, cisterns or tanks, whether submerged, partially submerged or used on the surface. A cost-effective water management solution for all water-boosting and rain-harvesting needs, the EsyBox Diver is best suited to commercial and agricultural applications including gardening and irrigation, water boosting, rainwater and ground water reuse, and water pressurisation.

Benefits of the Esybox Diver:

Thanks to a simple, intuitive app, the Esybox Diver is the first electronic submersible pump with an integrated inverter to have a user interface with a remote control. This advanced technology in combination with a versatile range of accessories offers numerous advantages:

  • Energy savings of up to 55% thanks to integrated variable frequency drive and VSD technology
  • Simple and easy installation with low noise levels
  • Compact design that fits inside most tanks, greatly reducing the possibility of theft
  • Guaranteed watertightness with the NFC pump
  • Quick and easy installation with the integrated expansion vessel
  • A streamlined, compact system allowing for more constant reliability over time
  • Immediate priming upon installation with the bleeding valve
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a modular and functional construction
  • Integrated inverter allowing for water pressure to be adapted to demand, optimising performance and energy consumption
  • Complete wireless system management through the DConnect Box 2 and the DConnect app
  • Outdoor installation with the DOC68 accessory
  • Simple water level detection with the float
  • Convenient water level measurement with the DConnect Box 2 and app, ensuring speed and reliability

With three versions available, allowing for surface, tank, and well installation, the EsyBox Diver is the future of submersible pumps, simplifying installation, maintenance and ongoing use, through the ultimate combination of convenience and technology.

Need to install, sell or purchase a submersible pump? Then look no further than the DAB range – a series of pumps that prioritises innovation and simplicity and helps save you time, money and energy too. Visit our website for more, and let’s start taking care of your water management needs today.


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