More variety, more quality with DAB

DAB Pumps holds 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of electric driven water pumps and pumping systems.

More variety, more quality with DAB

At DAB our focus is always on you, the customer – which is why we’ve been constantly refining our solutions to offer the quality, the innovation and the world-class technology you deserve. Part of that commitment means bringing you a range that’s versatile as well – a selection of products with enough variety to meet all your needs, from small-scale residential to commercial and industrial too.

The benefits of borehole water

Let’s take your need to save water for example – one that can be easily remedied by having a borehole drilled. While there are initial costs involved, the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the short-term expense, particularly when you consider that having your own borehole means a green garden, fresh water for your swimming pool, and no more municipal water bills.

Of course, before you go ahead with drilling your own borehole, you’ll first need to check a few boxes:

  • Find out if there is sufficient water on your property by means of a geohydrologist’s report
  • Consider the type of driller and pump installer needed
  • Examine your municipality by-laws, in case your borehole water usage registration is needed
  • Check for any municipal water restrictions in place that could affect you as a borehole owner

Once you have the go-ahead to drill, you’ll soon start reaping the benefits of borehole water:

  1. It’s rich in minerals. Since it’s straight from the ground, borehole water is pure, natural, and packed full of minerals. >
  2. It’s chemical-free. Similarly, underground water is fresh, and free from any chemicals.
  3. It increases your property value. Just the simple act of drilling a borehole can help increase your property value by thousands.
  4. It decreases municipal water demand. Being able to source your own water will decrease the collective demand on your area’s municipal water, helping to save resources.
  5. It’s more cost-effective. With the cost of borehole water far more affordable than municipal water, you can look after your garden, wash your car, and have all your needs taken care of for less than ever.

Remember that when using borehole water for either human or animal consumption, you’ll need to have a water quality test done on an annual basis to ensure its continued safety. The longer your borehole water stays fresh and safe, the more you’ll benefit and the more you’ll save.

Introducing the S4 range

Once you’ve established the viability of drilling a borehole on your property, you’ll need to install a pump to allow the groundwater to reach the surface – and that’s where DAB comes in.

Submersible electric pumps from 4” wells or larger, are capable of generating a wide range of flows and heads. These pumps can be used in a wide range of lifting, distributing, and pressuring applications: domestic and general water supply; sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

With an emphasis on versatility, the S4 range offers the following core benefits:  

  • A cost-effective construction, resulting in premium affordability, high efficiency, and better performance and reliability.
  • Abrasion-resistant construction, thanks to floating impellers that ensure optimum resistance to abrasion.
  • Precision-cast stainless steel delivery port and suction support, guaranteeing resistance to corrosion, durability and a sturdy coupling to the motor.
  • Effective impeller driving, due to a hexagonal pump shaft.
  • Safeguarding of impellers and diffusers through the use of a non-return valve fitted at the discharge, preventing the back flow of water and alleviating water hammer to the pump.

What’s more, the S4 range offers complete convenience as well, with all-in-one solutions including all the extras you need for easy setup, installation and maintenance:

  1. Water Pack:
  • Pump: Base and upper support in technopolymer with a built-in non-return valve.
  • Motor: Tesla 4OL submersible motor in AISI 304 stainless steel for parts in contact with water, complete with removable lead out cable.
  • Control box: Pump protection and control for direct start-up, with thermal protection and external manual reset.
  • Cable: An SABS-approved 1.5mm2, 4-core submersible insulated cable, up to 70m long.
  • Cable joint: An MX1 epoxy cable joint kit.
  • Male adaptors: Including mechanical compression fittings designed to withstand working pressures of up to 16bar.
  • Nylon rope: A 6mm nylon safety rope
  • Baseplate: A 40mm base-plate with an integrated cable gland.
3-in-1 Borehole Combo
  1. 3 in 1 Borehole Combo:
  • Pump and motor
  • Control box

Quality, convenience, and versatility too – all yours with the S4 submersible range.

Making home life easy with the Esybox Mini3 and Esybox

While DAB’s S4 range is designed for commercial and industrial applications, our versatility doesn’t stop there – that’s because our water management solutions are equally designed to meet domestic and residential needs too.

Take the Esybox range, for example. First launched in 2013, Esybox became the first fully integrated electronic system completely contained within a box, setting a new benchmark for the management of water pressure within residential applications.

Refining the concept of the Esybox even further, the line was later extended with the introduction of the Esybox Mini3 – smaller, quieter, but just as powerful.

Suitable for apartments with up to three floors, two bathrooms and gardens up to 50m2 in size, the Esybox Mini3 makes use of cutting-edge DAB technology to ensure constant pressure, while guaranteeing a significant reduction in noise and consumption levels due to its integrated inverter. Whether you need to manage the water pressure in your home for drinking water, for gardening or for other domestic uses, the Esyboxline will take care of all your water management needs while saving you money at the same time.

What makes the Esyboxline so effective? Their quality construction, for one:

  • Increased energy savings of up to 50%, thanks to innovative inverter technology.
  • A special water-cooled motor design that eliminates the noise traditionally generated by the fan’s cooling.
  • Anti-vibration feet that further reduce operational noise due to the effective absorption of vibration.
  • A flexible installation that allows you to choose which system inlets and outlets to use depending on your needs.
  • A 1-litre expansion tank, certified for drinking water and guaranteed for 5 years with no maintenance requirements.
  • An easily removable non-return valve.
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance with easy access to the expansion tank air valve adjustment and the non-return valve.

With these features in place, it’s easy to see why the Esyboxline have so many benefits:

  • They’re quiet: Thanks to their water-cooled engine, inverter electronics, soundproofed housing and anti-vibration feet, they’re virtually noise-free.
  • They’re compact: Their convenient size make them easy to store – small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, with enough power to maintain constant pressure throughout the home and garden.
  • They’re affordable: Their innovative inverter technology keeps pressure constant, while maintaining energy savings of up to 50%.
  • They’re flexible: Install the Esybox Mini3 or Esybox anywhere in your home for complete convenience – either horizontally, vertically or wall-mounted. 

As you can see, when it comes to versatility in size, range, application and benefits, DAB continues to lead the way. Visit our website for more, and find out just how our water management solutions can start to make your life easier.



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