Managing your water supply during load shedding

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Managing your water supply during load shedding

If there’s one thing that’s bonding us together as South Africans right now, it’s our collective frustration with load shedding. We all know how disruptive it is to our electricity supply and how endlessly inconvenient it is too – but did you know that it can be just as disruptive to our water supply as well?

While water and electricity might seem like separate resources, in fact the connection between them is significant, particularly in a country like South Africa that has one of the lowest levels of water availability in the world. Pumping, treating and purifying water requires a considerable amount of energy, and without that energy, treatment plants can’t run effectively, reservoirs can’t be filled, pumps can’t function, and a water deficit occurs. All because of load shedding.

So what’s the answer to combatting load shedding and maintaining a stable water supply? Two words: solar power.

Averaging more than 2 500 hours of sunshine each year across most areas of the country, South Africa’s climate and location are ideal for optimal levels of solar radiation. With solar energy being one of the country’s most readily available resources, South Africa has immense potential for moving off the grid and towards sustainable energy as a cleaner, cheaper alternative.  

The benefits of solar power

Thanks to South Africa’s abundance of sunlight, solar energy is a viable option both environmentally and economically, with a number of tangible benefits:

1. It’s cost-effective. While grid electricity is becoming increasingly more expensive, solar energy systems are becoming more affordable, and can help you avoid escalating costs from electricity providers. There’s no need to install noisy generators, and your power is guaranteed even in the event of load shedding. What’s more, you’ll receive credits for feeding power back into the grid, and you’ll qualify for savings on carbon tax as well.

2. It’s guaranteed. No power? No problem! South Africa has more than enough sunlight to keep your solar energy systems running all the way through load shedding and other unscheduled power failures.

3. It’s environmentally friendly. While more than 70% of South Africa’s energy needs are supplied by coal, solar energy is completely clean and renewable, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and make a meaningful contribution to improving the environment at the same time.

Making the move to solar energy with DAB

At DAB we’re just as committed to saving energy and saving money as you are. That’s why we’ve designed the DAB S4Sun Borehole system series – a range of solar water pumps that use solar power as an energy source in order to pump water by means of photovoltaic (PV) panels. In this way, they’re able to use the electricity generated by solar energy in order to pump water for drinking, cooking, crops, livestock and more. So no matter whether your area has load shedding or not, you’ll always be able to rely on a stable, consistent water supply when you need it most.

With 38 models to choose from and the DAB S4SUN Selector online tool to help you make an informed choice, the DAB S4Sun Borehole system makes solar-powered pumping easy and affordable. With its dry run protection, AC/DC connection and convenient generator back-up, the DAB S4Sun Borehole system will suit all your water resource needs, from managing the supply of drinking water to irrigation, livestock watering and any other residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

Thanks to its low maintenance nature, the DAB S4Sun Borehole system is just as effective in remote rural areas as it is in urban spaces, supplying water via solar power in places where the electricity supply is either inconsistent or unavailable due to load shedding or power outages. With its submersible motor, permanent magnet and integrated electronics, hydraulic S4 wet end and solar controller, the DAB S4Sun Borehole system is able to be powered by both AC and DC power sources, making it versatile enough to be used in any and every location.

Additionally, the DAB S4Sun Borehole system also features a set of accessories including a flow sensor, waterproof cable and zinc anode, making it the perfect all-in-one solution to your solar pumping needs. And thanks to its use of solar power, it’s more environmentally-friendly and efficient than electric pumps, providing a consistent supply of clean, green energy.

Load shedding may be inconvenient and frustrating, not to mention expensive, but there are a number of ways around its many challenges – and the DAB S4Sun Borehole system is one of them. Browse our range of solar water pumps today and let the sun shine brightly on affordable, reliable, sustainable energy solutions.



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