Getting tough on waste water with the FX range

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Getting tough on waste water with the FX range

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – sometimes it’s about making tough choices too. And when life gets tough, DAB gets tougher.

Take waste water, for example. It’s not the most pleasant of topics, but it’s one that needs to be dealt with nevertheless. Which is where DAB’s FX range comes in.

Introducing the FX range

Including four completely innovative solutions designed specifically for the lifting and transfer of domestic, civil and industrial waste water, the FX range is tough enough to take care of all your waste water needs, no matter how challenging:

  • It’s suitable for pumping stations when it comes to the lifting and transfer of sewage and drain water from residential or commercial buildings.
  • It’s suitable for the draining of car parks, garages, roads below ground level and environments prone to flooding.
  • And it’s suitable for the transfer of sewage water from industrial processes.

With untreated waste water causing disease and pollution, the effective collection, treatment, and disposal of waste water are essential for both protecting the health of the environment, and our own health as well. Which is exactly what we’ve designed the FX range to do. 

Four solutions for getting the job done

Fully tested and certified to the highest quality standards, the FX range has just the solution for your waste water needs:


A submersible pump designed to take care of drainage water, groundwater or rainwater in commercial applications, the DRENAG FX is ideal for flooding-prone environments where high head is needed. Certified according to the waste water standard EN 12050-2, and designed for quick and easy maintenance, the DRENAG FX also features rubber coating on the suction plate that limit wear and tear due to any sand or abrasive substances.


With a shredder designed for the drainage of waste water in civil and commercial environments, the submersible GRINDER FX features a high resistance stainless steel grinder system suitable for the transfer of sewage water at high pressure. Thanks to its innovative grinder, the pump is also suitable for installations where narrow diameter pipes are needed, and is easy to install and maintain, with full EN 12050-1 certification.


A submersible pump designed for the drainage of sewage in commercial applications, the FEKA FXC is also suitable for the transfer of effluent and sewage water with solids of up to 50mm and reduced long fibre content. With an anti-clogging channel impeller, the FEKA FX is ideal for draining areas prone to flooding when high flow rates are required, is simple to maintain, and is certified to EN 12050-2 standards.


With a patented super vortex impeller, the submersible FEKA FXV is able to guarantee premium performance in the draining of sewage water in commercial applications, even in the presence of large solids and long fibres. Thanks to its reduced dimensions as well as its flanged and threaded outlet ports, the FEKA FXV is easy to repair and maintain, and is certified to the European Union standard EN 12050-1.

Reliability, strength, and durability

Choose any of our solutions for your waste water needs, and you’ll soon discover just how tough the FX range can be:

  • Compact motors that ensure a high resistance to clogging, and consistent performance
  • Double silicon carbide mechanical seals in the oil chamber that allow for complete protection from pumped liquids
  • An anti-leakage resin-sealed cable gland with fast connections, guaranteeing long life
  • Threaded and flanged delivery ports for flexible installation and easy maintenance
  • An easily accessible condenser compartment for convenient inspection and maintenance
  • An anti-corrosion stainless steel AISI 304 motor shaft
  • High standards of construction with external cataphoresis and two-component coating to guarantee high resistance
  • Rubber discs for increasing stability in mobile installations

The benefits of the FX range

Why choose the FX range? Because you won’t find a tougher waste water management solution:

  • It’s reliable: All four pumps in the FX range have been designed to meet the world’s most stringent quality standards.
  • It’s efficient: The compact motors in the FX range allow the pumps to run even when not fully submerged, helping to increase performance and reduce risk.
  • It’s user-friendly: With three levels for easy access to all main components, the pumps in the FX range are easy to maintain and repair.
  • It’s high-performing: Advanced fluid dynamic research allows for increased capacity and efficiency, guaranteeing the same performance as more powerful pumps.
  • It’s innovative: DAB’s patented super vortex impeller improves performance under all conditions while reducing motor consumption at the same time.

More accessories, more convenience  

While the FX range is tough on waste water, it’s easy on installation, operation and maintenance thanks to a selection of handy accessories:

  • EBOX: An electronic control panel that allows for the automatic control and protection of one or more single or three-phase submersible electric pumps or pressure booster pumps in domestic applications.
  • FEKABOX & FEKAFOS: Tanks for the collection of domestic waste water and redirection to the sewer network for basements and garages, or for one or more residences.
  • DConnect: DAB’s web-based remote control application that allows for easy off-site pump management and maintenance.
  • Both flanged and threaded delivery ports
  • Adapters suitable for various types of connections
  • Fast disconnecting cable

As you can see, while dealing with waste water can be tough, the FX range has been specifically designed to help make it as easy as possible, through an innovative design, superior performance, improved efficiency and simple installation and maintenance. So while waste water collection and disposal can be challenging, the FX range is the only solution you’ll need.

Visit our website for more on the FX range of waste water management solutions, and start making life easy for yourself today.

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