Esybox Line – a legacy of revolutionary water pressurisation solutions

DAB Pumps holds 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of electric driven water pumps and pumping systems.

Esybox Line – a legacy of revolutionary water pressurisation solutions

Looking for a water management solution that makes your life easy? Then you’re looking for the Esybox line, a range of pumps offering a wide variety of revolutionary water pressurisation solutions. Since developing the line in 2013, we’ve been constantly adapting, innovating and refining our Esybox products to meet our customers’ changing needs, and to offer a water management solution for every type of application. So no matter what your specific demands are, the Esybox line will help you meet each and every one.

Take a look at just how simple water management becomes with the Esybox line, and find the solution that suits you best.

Esybox – the original

Launched in 2013, the Esybox became the first fully integrated electronic system contained completely within a box, combining performance and convenience into one ready-to-use booster pump. It’s here that DAB made its mark on the industry, revolutionising water pressure boosting with a unit as compact as it was powerful, setting the new standard for water management in residential applications.

Designed for apartment blocks of up to six floors and nine units, the Esybox is intended for use with drinking water and gardening in domestic systems, and features an ergonomic design that allows for simple water management, and easy maintenance and operation.

Esybox Mini3 – the next level

With the Esybox having proved so popular amongst installers and end users alike, in 2015 we went one step further and introduced the Esybox Mini3 to the Esybox line. Smaller and quieter but every bit as powerful, the Esybox Mini3 is ideal for apartments of up to three floors, with two bathrooms and gardens up to 50m2 in size.

While differing in size, the Esybox and the Esybox Mini3 share a number of important similarities:

  • They’re quiet:Thanks to their water-cooled motor, inverter electronics, soundproofed housing and anti-vibration feet, they’re virtually noise-free.
  • They’re compact:Their convenient size make them easy to store – small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, with enough power to maintain constant pressure throughout the home and garden.
  • They’re affordable:Their innovative inverter technology keeps pressure constant, while maintaining energy savings of up to 50%.
  • They’re flexible:Install the Esybox or Esybox Mini3 anywhere in your home for complete convenience – either horizontally, vertically or wall-mounted.&nbsp

Moving forward with the Esybox Diver

The next evolution in the Esybox line came about in 2020, moving from smaller residential and domestic applications to larger commercial and agricultural applications. This time it was the Esybox Diver that was introduced to the Esybox range, a 7” multi-stage electronic pump guaranteeing safety, efficiency, flexibility and reliability too.

Designed for use in wells, cisterns, or tanks, the Esybox Diver is the ideal water management solution for all water-boosting and rain-harvesting needs, including gardening and irrigation, rainwater and ground water reuse, and water pressurisation. What’s more, thanks to its integrated inverter, advanced technology and versatile range of accessories, it offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Energy savings of up to 55% thanks to integrated variable frequency drive and VSD technology.
  • Simple and easy installation with low noise levels.
  • Compact design that fits inside most tanks, greatly reducing the possibility of theft.
  • Guaranteed watertightness with the NFC pump that allows for the connection of either a float switch or water level reader with no need to open the electronic compartment.
  • Quick and easy installation with the integrated expansion vessel.
  • A streamlined, compact system allowing for more constant reliability over time.
  • Immediate priming upon installation with the bleeding valve.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a modular and functional construction.
  • Integrated inverter allowing for water pressure to be adapted to demand, optimising performance and energy consumption.
  • Outdoor installation with the DOC68 accessory.
  • Simple water level detection with the float.

Esybox Max – a new vision for the future

Rounding out the Esybox line is the Esybox Max, the newest addition to the range and one that was introduced in 2020, after the Esybox Diver. Available in two sizes, the Esybox Max is an electronic booster set providing pressurisation in both residential and commercial applications, with a modular design allowing for premium flexibility and multiple configurations.

Created to meet the needs of buildings such as hospitals, hotels and apartment blocks, the Esybox Max is the next evolution in water management solutions, allowing for maximum performance with minimum energy expenditure, and offering a range of tangible benefits:

  • Easy to choose:Its modular design allows for a variety of different configurations, its compact design makes it suited to every space, and its performance allows for energy savings of up to 20%.
  • Easy to configure:Choose from two hydraulics and create your booster set with up to four pumps.
  • Easy to stock:Its compact design takes up to three times less space than similar systems, allowing for easy warehouse organisation, and savings in time and running costs.
  • Easy to install:Save time on installation and setup with its interlocking mounting system and native connectivity or choose On-Site Assembly for the ultimate convenience.
  • Easy to maintain:Thanks to DConnect, DAB’s cloud service, it’s easy to monitor and maintain, with remote maintenance available right from your smartphone or mobile device.

Connect to premium convenience with DConnect

Since 2016, the Esybox line has been easier to manage than ever with DConnect – the remote control service that allows for easy monitoring and management while saving both time and money.

Thanks to this digital innovation, there’s no need to visit your pumps to maintain them on-site. Now all you need to do is connect to the DConnect app, and you’ll enjoy a more streamlined experience than ever before:

  • Download the app quickly and easily (compatible with both Android and iOS systems).
  • Receive real-time notifications of malfunctions or other critical issues.
  • Schedule maintenance and manage emergencies.
  • Predict problems remotely, and act instantly.
  • Keep energy and water consumption constantly under control.
  • Save time and money on on-site visits and maintenance duration.

It’s innovation at its best, and it’s yours to enjoy with the Esybox range – the ideal combination of design and technology working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With decades of experience in water management solutions, at DAB we’ve already built a reputation for ourselves in the industry. Now with the Esybox line, we’ve built a legacy too – a range of water pressurisation solutions characterised by innovation and cutting-edge technology, all designed with simplicity, affordability and efficiency in mind. Start making life easy for yourself with Esybox today.

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